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By far the best way to get report issues is by opening a ticket at GitHub's issue tracker.

When creating a ticket:

- Make sure you are using the last CCExtractor version.
- If it's a new thing (for example a video file that a previous CCExtractor version processed OK and now causes a crash) mention the last version you know was correct.
- If the issue is about a specific file, make that file available for us. Don't just send us the output from CCExtractor, we can't do anything about a screenshot that shows a crash, we need the input that actually causes it. You can upload the file to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc, and make it public so you get a download link to add to your ticket.
- If you cannot make the file public for any (reasonable) reason you can send us a private invitation (both Dropbox and Google Drive allow that). In this case we will download the file and upload it to the private developer repository.
- Do not upload your file to any location that will require us to sign up or endure a wait list, slow downloads, etc.
- If your upload expires make sure you keep it active somehow (replace links if needed). Keep in mind that while we go over all tickets some may take a few days, and it's important we have the file available when we actually need it.
- Make sure you set an alert in GitHub so you get notifications about your ticket. We may need to ask questions and we do everything inside GitHub's system.
- Please use English.
- It goes without saying, we like polite people.

Email If you need to use email:


Slack is a great communication tool. Most CCExtractor developers hang out in a slack team. You're welcome to request an invitation here: `

Sign up to CCExtractor slack team


Mailing list

A new mailing list (the old one, hosted in sourceforge is being discontinued) is hosted here:!forum/ccextractor-dev

It's really new but it's read by the right people - you can use it if you prefer it to slack.

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