Server Application Structure

Files and Directories

The most important directories and files in server application are:

./                                server base path
    archive/                      extracted cc files 
            *.srt, *.txt, *.bin   files' names match to ids in `programs` table in db
    bin/                          executable files
        build/                    object files generated during compilation
        server                    server app executable
        db.ini                    database configuration (user, password etc)
        server.ini                server app configuration (port, logs etc)
        web.ini                   Web site configuration (not used)
    docs/                         doxygen docs, readme images
    io/                           files generated during runtime
        cce_input/                ccextractor input named pipes
        cce_output/               ccextractor output files
        web/                      Web site buffer
    logs/                         server app log files
    src/                          server app sources
    tests/                        test scripts and test client app
        *.php                     Web site additional files
        public/                   application Web root, contains Web accessible files
    Makefile                      Makefile for compiling server app and generating docs
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