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 ====== SwagLyrics-For-Spotify ====== ====== SwagLyrics-For-Spotify ======
 You can find the project at [[https://​github.com/​aadibajpai/​SwagLyrics-For-Spotify|GitHub]]. You can find the project at [[https://​github.com/​aadibajpai/​SwagLyrics-For-Spotify|GitHub]].
 +===== Getting started / Requirements =====
 +The software is written in Python, so we expect good knowledge of Python. Basic HTML, Javascript & CSS knowledge is also required. You should be able to demonstrate that you possess the skills to successfully implement your proposal.\\
 +We make use of quite some libraries to support all platforms, and we expect you to read up on the documentation of these platforms so you know how they work in general.\\
 +==== Qualification ====
 +If you are interested in taking up this project during GSoC, you will need to satisfy these requirements (in order of importance, not all are a necessity): \\
 +- A well researched, well written project proposal.\\
 +- Proof you've set up SwagLyrics locally and can set up an instance of the issue-maker for development.\\
 +- Fixed a bug, improved existing features, ... (contributed something to the project).\\
 +- Have chatted with the mentor(s) at least once.\\
 +===== Mentor(s) ===== 
 +- Aadi Bajpai (@aadibajpai on Slack) is a former GCI winner (2017) and mentor (2018). He wrote the software and is the official (and currently sole) maintainer.
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